Your Voice Speaks Volumes About YOU

You make an impression when you walk into a room or meet someone face to face. When you open your mouth to speak you are making an impression too. How people respond to you is affected by how they feel about you!

Your voice can clearly express who you are and make others feel comfortable around you. When you understand that your voice is your unique instrument and you are aware of how you sound to others and learn how to make the most of your voice, you can have a positive impact every time you open your mouth!

Dear Diane,

Your voice training class last Friday was very helpful and informative. And a week later, in the sales meeting, the team reports that they've been giving more thought to how they speak and to the emotion they are communicating with their voice. Our awareness has been raised, and as a result, so has our effectiveness. Great job, Diane!
Here are the comments I received immediately following our training session.

"She was informative and taught me something about the impression I'm making with my voice. In fact, I thought what more can I learn from Diane that will improve my sales skills?"
"The exercise she had us perform, with the humming vibration, helped me understand the pitch and resonance of my voice. New information for me."
"The improvement I heard in my voice was undeniable, and I thought it could be worth taking the time to have Diane work with me on my voice, one on one."
"Diane is such a good model to illustrate how to best use your voice, that she makes you want to emulate her; be better at using your own voice."
"I heard a smile in my voice and learned how important it is to visually project my words. "She's a good instructor which made the techniques easy to put into practice."The techniques were easy to put into practice."

Diane, thanks again for a memorable voice training session. May you hear the difference you made when we come in contact in the near future!


Nancy Tulli, Local Sales Manager, WGAL - 8 (central PA's NBC affiliate.)

Diane & Timothy Anderson, her oldest friend & colleague and fellow Forensics judge!

Diane has been using her voice and presentation skills in many capacities for over 20 years. Click here to check out Diane's voice/presentation background.

Diane is effective at sharing what she has learned about "using your voice" to enhance a presentation.  

“We use our voices every day either in one on one conversation, to address a group or in a conversation over the telephone. Your voice should reflect who you are and add to your confidence level. When you understand what you have AND what to do with it . .. . . It Will!”  

To find out how your voice can be one of your biggest assets, please call Diane at 717-285-2544 or email at


Member Pi Kappa Delta, A Forensics (Public Speaking and Debate) Honor Society.  PKD, formed almost 100 years ago, promotes excellence in Spoken Communication.

"Having taken Diane Dayton's 'Finding Your Voice' workshop, I realized just how much more true professionals know and use their voice to reach people. As a professional speaker, I needed Diane's expertise to truly develop my potential. It's no wonder why you hear Diane's voice-over work virtually every time you turn on the radio. She uses her voice like a musical instrument. If your voice is as important to you as mine is to me, I encourage you to seek out Diane Dayton for professional voice coaching."

Dave Romeo #1 Speaker for the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
Author of "Nice Guys Finish First"