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Voice Over/On Camera Talent

Diane Dayton has over 20 years of experience in professional voice-over/ on-camera projects.

Diane Dayton will capture the meaning and essence of your message. Cut through the clutter of sound! Whether you need a voice over for your national television commercial ad campaign, a voiceover for a local radio spot or an engaging "voice on the other end" for caller on hold services, Diane uses her professionalism and award-winning talent to address copy in a way that engages both the listener and the viewer.

Located in central Pennsylvania, Diane is in quick traveling distance for any East Coast destination - and can be scheduled for work anywhere in the U.S. or internationally.

Dayton Communications has excellent relationships locally. Let us coordinate the production for your projects.

If you prefer a dry voice file, we can produce that in-house and send it to you in record time!


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Count on the Experience of Diane Dayton for voice-over or on-camera projects

Radio and TV Commercials
CD-ROM/DVD narration
Interactive training/Industrial pieces
Messages-on-hold/ Interactive Voice Recognition Systems
Anything that needs the perfect female voice to communicate the message

We'll come to you or we can coordinate production locally

Dayton Communications uses high-quality technology to ensure high-quality production. Enjoy quick turnaround when we create MP3 or Wave files. Often, radio stations, ad agencies and corporate leaders call on Diane for "dry voice" tracks. Just define the format you need, and you'll have a voice-over of unmatched quality ready for your production.

To talk about your next voice-over or on-camera project, call Diane at 717-285-2544 or email .