Diane Dayton is host, producer, creator of Behind the Lines, an informative and entertaining TV Interview Show which began in 1998.

The show topics are diverse
and include health and education issues, dining, the arts, sports, authors, social issues, fashion, animals, hobbies, new ideas, new businesses, special events and more.

Jazz artists are a favorite topic for Diane, she is passionate about jazz and smooth jazz, as related to her  show Cool Jazz Café.

To view Jazz Artist Interviews click on her You Tube Channel www.youtube.com/dianedayton

Diane's has a warm personality and engaging interview style
that is appreciated by her guests. She has been described as having that extra something that makes guests feel comfortable and free to open up.

Behind the Lines airs weekly shows on Blue Ridge Ch. 11 in Lancaster, Pa. The show is independent and is placed on various additional stations depending on show content and new agreements being negotiated.  

To find out more about Behind the Lines
Partner Program, to suggest a show topic, to place advertising on the show or if your market would benefit from this programming, please call Diane Dayton at 717-285-2544 or email Dianedayton@aol.com.

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  archived show clips

Christophers Restaurant

Dave Romeo

CoCo Coleman


weight loss BTL

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Holiday BTL

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Diane Dayton has an engaging, educated interviewing style that instantly connects with her guests and her audience. She adroitly and quickly establishes a warm rapport with her subjects with concise and focused questions that trigger animated and insightful conversations. Her interviews are a delightful blend of style and substance. Diane Dayton truly is a media personality with personality, one whose passion for music and artists is amply conveyed to the audience.
~ Mike Zielinski